The Key to Protecting your Stocks Profits

Fundamentals tells you what is happening with the business,

Technicals tell you what’s happening with the price.

The analysis of fundamentals tells us all about the business but as we know sometimes the price can diverge from those fundamentals for many reasons of fear, greed and investors simply not focusing on the business fundamentals but rather what the stock is going to do in the future.

This is why emerging and developing growth stocks can have such high P/E’s.
The cycle of behaviour is simple.
Our imagination can take stock prices to amazing places, but as always, the inevitable adjustment will happen.

So we can ride the emotional waves, which are exceptionally lucrative, but we must learn how to protect that gain with Stockradar stops, and not get greedy.

The name of the game is getting a return on your money.

Be smart, be clever, be controlled, and you’ll be profitable.