Stock Market Trading is a Business

First and foremost, losses must be kept to a minimum and this is a factual qualification rather than an esoteric subjective thought. It is a key choice we make.

The Key to Protecting Stock Profits

We can ride the emotional waves, which can be exceptionally lucrative, but we must learn how to protect that gain with Stockradar stops, and not get greedy.

We all need a common-sense understanding of Risk. Buyer Beware, Buyer be Smart

Whether you’re trading stocks, ETF’s, Bitcoin or some other tradable entity we all need an understanding of risk and how to manage it. Remember markets go up and they go down. Are you prepared?

The Stock Market Dance

If we learn how to cut big losses, we don’t take them. If we learn how to protect profits, we keep them. It’s that simple.

Cut your losses

A money management process that effectively cuts out the big losses and leverages stock trends