Keeping a smart Rein on Trading Costs – Stops

We need to be alert to the behaviour of investors, understanding the repetitive nature of their behaviour, can be a big advantage.

We already know how to make money

The thing is: We already know what we need to know to make money. It’s how we put it all together that matters. One step at a time.

Trend Following – have a plan and stick to it

Good traders are like the surfboard riders who catch the wave as it breaks, they ride it hard, and hop off before it flows back into the sea.

IT’S TIME to consider your Super options!

Take control of your own super

Creating an Investors Mindset

Investing is a mind game. How do you control the emotions such as paralysis, fear and doubt that swirl about in our heads?

Brain Power Charts our Course

Our brain is a tireless and emotional ‘worker’ but it is also smart enough to make us aware that we need to be able control those emotions to be a consistent, vigilant, controlled investor and ultimately a profitable one.

Ride the Waves, they break, they run, and then they subside

Take the bull by the horns have faith in your system and the ride the waves with confidence.

Fostering Consistent Growth for your Stock Portfolio

The stock market can reward us or punish us. The choice is yours.

Stockradar’s Stock Pick Count and the Stockradar Portfolio

Stockradar’s Stock Pick count and Portfolio are generated by Stockradar’s process driven approach to price analysis. Our mission is to qualify trend behaviour of each of the stocks we cover by assessing market sentiment towards each stock.

Stops-Trading Tool

The stop is a tool to take the emotion out of trading and provide risk and profit protection. Don’t kid yourself we all need them.