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'the only stock market advice you can trust is the price action' -
 price never lies

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'It is possible to make money— and a great deal of money—in the stock market. But it can’t be done overnight or by haphazard buying and selling. The big profits go to the intelligent, careful and patient investor, not to the reckless and overeager speculator'
- J Paul Getty

'My SMSF has hit my projected target, thanks a lot to the very sound advice and education you have provided. I now feel very confident about the future and look forward to many years of further investment. Thanks again.' 
- Norman J. Stockradar member

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‘Stockradar is key in giving a great heads up over investment advisory services. Analysis of stock-market price behaviour is an indispensible and necessary tool that runs ahead of not-yet-publicly declared news. The weekly entry/exit model format is a welcome and wise release. Like any ‘system’ it does not offer a nirvana-heaven for investors but is an extremely sound and vital investment tool.’ Stephen Marshall – Stockbroker, Ord Minnett


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