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Happily Managing Stock Losses

Bearing small losses is a good thing and means you are trading well



Yes, I do take losses! Lots of them, but small ones only. But we do need to take them, and understand why, it then helps you to learn to trade properly in this somewhat imperfect world of trading.

Losses are a part of doing business. A trading loss should put you one step closer to success. FAMOUS FAILURES

The big benefit of locking in your loss, yes there is one, is you turn neutral, you are unexposed, and not at risk. You clear you head, discard the baggage of a loss and are fresh and ready to take new prospects on.


The Trading Centre is almost like a blank canvas right now (May 2022) with only 20% of Stock Picks (read qualified uptrends) as we endure this correction, so we will have a swathe (80%) of potential opportunities when the market turns up.

But along the way we need to get used to the fact that stocks don’t go one way meaning we have to factor in the inevitability of regular market corrections as we are now. Why? Because we don’t know when they will happen, but we know they do – fact. As uncertainty has prevailed the smart thing is to keep your risk controlled.


Portfolio results consider all markets. We have to because we don’t know when corrections are going to happen or even when they are happening. Scary. So, we know the facts. If you trade stocks this will happen:

A 10 % fall every 2 years (we’ve just had one of those)

A 20%+ fall every 4 years

A 30%+ fall every 10 years

So, build this into your expectations and your trade plan because you need to. Do you know what you’re going to do if the market/stock drops 10%, 20%+ or 30%+, Because you need to know that as well as these corrections are the norm, and we are going through one right now. It is important to be in control of what you do, or you will flounder. Don’t forget, the majority of the time the market is rising. Despite the setbacks a good strategy will still generate good returns.

Control: If the market or stock drops 10%, 20% or 50% do you know what you’ll do?


Has dropped significantly as it did in 2007 post an unusually strong market surge. Are we getting complacent? The recent rally mirrors the 2003-2007 rally. After such a market rise coupled with the drop in the Stock Pick Count we should at least be being cautious.

The Key to Protecting Stock Profits

We can ride the emotional waves, which can be exceptionally lucrative, but we must learn how to protect that gain with Stockradar stops, and not get greedy.