Effectively Organising Your Stock Data

Organised stock data plays a crucial role in empowering investors so they get quick access to information and tools they need to make informed decisions.

Roll with the Market Trends – Safe and Profitable

Be cautious when the time is right but run with market when it shows momentum and be prepared to exit when the tide turns. Easier said than done but here’s some tips to help you.

What is Stockradar?

We provide process driven structured stock analysis, recommendations and trading models designed to generate above market returns. Take a Trial and see our unique Trading Centre to get you started.

Stock Profits – Trading Rules, Systems and Processes

Trading Rules, Systems, and Process are employed to help us detach from the many distracting outside influences and to help us generate consistent returns. Be Brave. It’s the cool head that makes the cool decisions.

The Stockradar Truth Test

The evolution of this trade plan format is based on what we already know. i.e. if a qualified trend in prices develops, we can follow it with the known expectation that it will continue for a period.

Buying and Selling Shares – Who do we Listen to?

The forces are all around us proposing we follow various paths.
They bleat at us ceaselessly.

Stock Market Books That Have Helped Me

Stock Market Books That Have Helped Me

Win / Loss. Digging Little Deeper.

Few winning stocks are necessary to ensure profitability using the Stockradar strategy so the win loss ratio on its own is not a good benchmark. We need to dig a little deeper.

Using the Trend Intensity Indicator

Perspective is a key word here because it helps us control our emotional behaviour which can often be at odds with the systematically based rating. It is a good controlling influence for a trader.

Trading Stocks Successfully, Hasn’t Changed Forever.

Our primary focus is educating members so they can learn to run their own portfolios.