The Stockradar Truth Test

The evolution of this trade plan format is based on what we already know. i.e. if a qualified trend in prices develops, we can follow it with the known expectation that it will continue for a period.

Buying and Selling Shares – Who do we Listen to?

The forces are all around us proposing we follow various paths.
They bleat at us ceaselessly.

Stock Market Books That Have Helped Me

Stock Market Books That Have Helped Me

Win / Loss. Digging Little Deeper.

Few winning stocks are necessary to ensure profitability using the Stockradar strategy so the win loss ratio on its own is not a good benchmark. We need to dig a little deeper.

Using the Trend Intensity Indicator

Perspective is a key word here because it helps us control our emotional behaviour which can often be at odds with the systematically based rating. It is a good controlling influence for a trader.

Trading Stocks Successfully, Hasn’t Changed Forever.

Our primary focus is educating members so they can learn to run their own portfolios.

Stock Picks – let’s discuss

The Stock Pick Count gives us a guide as to the substance of the markets trend but also allows us to be more focused on specific stocks with qualified trends and that adds a degree of safety.

Heed the history of financial markets.

Think Smart and Be Smart and carefully weigh the risks and the historical odds.

Staying in the Trading Saddle

The stock market is not so much the serious ‘suit and tie’ job but rather think of it more of a challenge which when adopted, understood and run with structured and controlled approach can be an enjoyable, satisfying, fun and rewarding experience.

Go on make the Jump. Daily to Weekly

I now enjoy the relative serenity of following markets on a weekly basis. Interestingly I’ve found it more profitable and enjoyable. Now that’s a real bonus. Come up for air, take a break, go easy on yourself.