Stock Picks – let’s discuss

The Stock Pick Count gives us a guide as to the substance of the markets trend but also allows us to be more focused on specific stocks with qualified trends and that adds a degree of safety.

Heed the history of financial markets.

Think Smart and Be Smart and carefully weigh the risks and the historical odds.

Staying in the Trading Saddle

The stock market is not so much the serious ‘suit and tie’ job but rather think of it more of a challenge which when adopted, understood and run with structured and controlled approach can be an enjoyable, satisfying, fun and rewarding experience.

Go on make the Jump. Daily to Weekly

I now enjoy the relative serenity of following markets on a weekly basis. Interestingly I’ve found it more profitable and enjoyable. Now that’s a real bonus. Come up for air, take a break, go easy on yourself.

The Trading Radar – Did you know?

The best opportunities emerge from market fear. How do you identify it?

Stops-Trading Tool

The stop is a tool to take the emotion out of trading and provide risk and profit protection. Don’t kid yourself we all need them.

Trading for a Living

Trading is easy, it is only ourselves that make it hard.

Moving Average Probabilities

The probability attribute tells us that if the average is rising and the price is above it this is a bullish sign.

The Price and Volume relationship is fundamental to price analysis

The price / volume relationship is fundamental to chart analysis and is part of the jigsaw that creates a powerful trading tool.

Trading the Trend

Trends occur all the time and being able to identify and ‘ride’ them profitably is a very attractive challenge for us all.