Why Stockradar portfolios

I am a quant. In other words, data, numbers, and verifiable results drive my investment decisions. Why am I willing to stand by this strategy. Firstly, based on my personal research and results from14 years of performance, it can produce returns that historically outperform those of common benchmark portfolios and in fact more importantly to […]

Successful trading is about probabilities and risk management

Trades don’t all kick off like Mantra (MTR) which came up as a model stock pick on the 2/10/17 (Entry $3.19) just before the bid which quickly jumped the price to $3.80 (10/10/17) and our new subscribers were happy enough to have begun their Stockradar membership that way. The reality is that trading is about […]

The Kelly Criterion – Effective risk management technique

$25 kitty. You bet on the flip of a coin for 30 minutes. Coin is biased with a 60% probability of coming up heads You can bet as much as you like on each flip You will be given a cheque for however much is left in your account at the end of your 30 […]