Trading Tactics

Our portfolio service is designed to attract patient capital that doesn’t get troubled by broader market conditions. Recently I discussed the benefits of weekly data (see Stockradar blog – The primary motivation for using the weekly time frame is for perspective), which suits the majority of my SMSF members as it is employed to avoid […]

How to call a halt to damaging trading losses

If you don’t want to take big losses, you simply don’t let them happen,  it’s your choice.  It’s not a new revelation and it seems simple enough yet as traders we find this a mighty difficult task to achieve but if you don’t it will decimate your capital so let’s look at what we can […]

The primary motivation for using the weekly time frame is for perspective and to help you catch the big trends.

Ride ‘em cowboy One of key premises we work with at Stockradar is the weekly time frame. It helps you filter out the daily ‘noise’ and allows you to ride those big trends with confidence. Our natural inclination when profits are growing fast is to ‘take the money and run’, or use a shorter-term chart […]

Complacency is our enemy

There is no doubt the ETF wave of popularity is creating a self-perpetuating dangerous and ‘unknown’ quantity with repercussions yet to be fully understood or played out. In my blog over recent months I refer to the many issues surrounding this ETF phenomenon taking hold of investors. ‘Passive investing is in danger of devouring capitalism’ […]