Stocks – Demise of Fundamentals

While the demise of fundamentals might seem an ominous statement, it prompts a necessary evolution in investment strategies. The full force of behavioural analysis is descending on stock price movements.

Trading Demands a Confident Mindset

As we move ourselves towards the successful combination of simplicity and conviction the probabilities skyrocket and the positive mindset grows.

Unlocking Human Behavioural Trends

The Stockradar strategy does not focus on the why, but rather the fact that it is (going up).

The Stock Market Crystal Ball

The stock market is always one step ahead, of what we think is one step ahead. Known facts, realities and perceptions are always getting built into prices and we should be aware of that.

The Stock Market Splits

Remember the stock market does have a crystal ball into the future and since 2009 the Nasdaq has made some fancy gains.

The Stock Market Surprises

Greed and Fear drive the somewhat irrational excesses and this current ‘price over reason’ behaviour is blowing many minds.

Creating an Investors Mindset

Investing is a mind game. How do you control the emotions such as paralysis, fear and doubt that swirl about in our heads?

Brain Power Charts our Course

Our brain is a tireless and emotional ‘worker’ but it is also smart enough to make us aware that we need to be able control those emotions to be a consistent, vigilant, controlled investor and ultimately a profitable one.

Ride the Waves, they break, they run, and then they subside

Take the bull by the horns have faith in your system and the ride the waves with confidence.

The Miracle of Thought

The reality is human psychology drives stock price trends and we often see the power of our imaginations do amazing things, regardless of reality.