Following a Trend makes Trading a whole lot easier.

Recognising and simplifying the skill of handling trends and human behaviour is the key to success in trading.

The Probabilities Radar

Each time you add a layer of complexity to you trading rules you dilute the power of your core objective playing out.

To win big you need to learn how to lose

Charlie Aitken (Aim Funds): ‘the difference between my life as a stockbroker and my new life as a fund manager is that now I limit my losses to 10%. As a stockbroker I (we) are not great at issuing sells. Now when a stock is at a loss I cut it and move on. We […]

Successful trading is about probabilities and risk management

Trades don’t all kick off like Mantra (MTR) which came up as a model stock pick on the 2/10/17 (Entry $3.19) just before the bid which quickly jumped the price to $3.80 (10/10/17) and our new subscribers were happy enough to have begun their Stockradar membership that way. The reality is that trading is about […]

The Kelly Criterion – Effective risk management technique

$25 kitty. You bet on the flip of a coin for 30 minutes. Coin is biased with a 60% probability of coming up heads You can bet as much as you like on each flip You will be given a cheque for however much is left in your account at the end of your 30 […]

The Trend Intensity Rating Indicator

Market sentiment plays a critical role in assessing share price movements. Stockradar delivers a consistent measurement of market sentiment using its unique tool, the Trend Intensity Indicator. The Trend Intensity Indicator combines and weighs four simple tools: trend, volume, moving averages and price momentum. This generates an invaluable benchmark that highlights only those stocks with compelling […]