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Why do I stop stocks out at a predetermined level? To STOP losing money To STOP giving back profits But this only works if you act on them, otherwise why set them? CAPITAL PRESERVATION is my foremost objective, even above making profits. Why? You have to be in the game to win it. If you […]

Take control of your stock market investments.

Take Control It really is that easy How? The Nike motto comes to mind. Well it finally came. We all knew a nasty correction was going to happen. What goes up must come down. Still we respond with the usual surprise and ‘what should we do’ questions. Many of us are in denial because of […]

To win big you need to learn how to lose

Charlie Aitken (Aim Funds): ‘the difference between my life as a stockbroker and my new life as a fund manager is that now I limit my losses to 10%. As a stockbroker I (we) are not great at issuing sells. Now when a stock is at a loss I cut it and move on. We […]

It is good to know what we don’t know

Let’s not pretend. We don’t know, do we? In fact two of the fundamental truths of trading tell us that: Anything can happen and You don’t need to know what is going to happen next to make money. Seems strange but there it is – the truth. It is good to know what we don’t know. […]

Why Stockradar portfolios

I am a quant. In other words, data, numbers, and verifiable results drive my investment decisions. Why am I willing to stand by this strategy. Firstly, based on my personal research and results from14 years of performance, it can produce returns that historically outperform those of common benchmark portfolios and in fact more importantly to […]