Take control of your stock market investments.

Take Control

It really is that easy


The Nike motto comes to mind.

Well it finally came. We all knew a nasty correction was going to happen. What goes up must come down. Still we respond with the usual surprise and ‘what should we do’ questions. Many of us are in denial because of course we’ll know what to do or we’ll deal with it when it happens! Sure! Same old, same old – mistake.

We knew it would happen so why don’t we prepare for it before it does? It will still affect us that’s the reality if we play this (stock market) game but we can control the repercussions in a positive and realistic way.

Being in control means knowing what to do when an adverse event occurs such as sudden price changes. If as a result stops go off you respond if not you hold. You will be surprised how well this approach works and how calming it can be. You will feel in control and that’s a positive emotion.

On the other side of the coin there is the panic emotion, which is debilitating and distracting. It makes us make bad decisions on the fly and feel as if we should be doing something when in some situations the best might be to do nothing. It is like being out of control and that is a very uneasy feeling. A ship without a rudder is dangerous.

So as this new market volatility portends of future market ructions be prepared, know what to do before it happens and steer your ship to safe waters. Take control.