What is Stockradar?

What is Stockradar?

Stockradar is Australia’s leading source of first-rate price-based stock analysis.

We provide process driven structured stock analysis, recommendations and trading models designed to generate above market returns. Take a Trial and see our unique Trading Centre to get you started.

Stockradar is a subscription-based service providing stock market research and recommendations on ASX stocks in the ASX/200 using price analysis as our decision-making tool believing that as Price is what we trade and profit from, it is that which we analyse.

What do we do?

Focus: Decision making tool Technical (Price) Analysis

  1. We choose technical or price analysis.
    1. Price is what we trade, profit from, and thus analyse.
    2. Often price movement bears little relationship to the fundamentals.

How we help you?

  1. Provide easy to understand Systematic Processes that maintains complete Control and Objectivity throughout the Trading Process.

Technical Analysis Tools –

The Entry

  1. Price – 2 setups: Trend Reversal and New High
  2. Qualified and filtered by Stockradar’s Trend Intensity Rating Indicator that combines Price, Volume, Moving Average and Momentum.

The Exit 

  1. A Trailing Stops Risk Management tool that minimises losses and maximises trend profits
  1. It is Analysis that provides the Entry signal.

It is Risk Management that provides the Exit signal.

All Supported by:

The Stockradar Website

The Trading Centre covers all our stocks with entries, exits, reversal, stops and each stock has its own Trend Intensity Rating to guide you.

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Monthly Macro View and markets Sector Micro review, Radar’s Rant, and tables with strategy ideas

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Articles and Past Newsletters to help understand Stockradar

Stock market education and ‘say it as we see it’ ideas and weekly market You Tube Update with stock ideas

YouTube channel – Richard Lie – Stockradar

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Also to find out more about what we do and how we work visit the About section of Stockradar.

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