What is Stockradar?

Stockradar employs a long-only (buy-only) trading strategy to achieve absolute returns. The objective is to grow client portfolios every single year, regardless of movements in the wider market. The key plank of our strategy is in maximising gains, and keeping your capital safe. Stock selection is determined by a consistent and systematic method, based on an algorithm I have developed to identify up-trending stocks. It combines trend, volume, moving averages, and momentum price indicators to achieve absolute returns under all market conditions. 

At Stockradar....

* We only buy stocks with emerging up trends.

* We only trade weekly, which reduces the number of trades and therefore the cost. (This also means we get a better perspective, and don’t pay too much attention to minor fluctuations in price.)

* We always exit stocks when their trends change.

Why join us?

  1. Stockradar has consistently outperformed the market  through some of history's most turbulent markets - 75% of professional money managers underperform the market, according to S&P.
  2. Stockradar does the hard work for you, providing the stock selection and buy/sell triggers on the weekly close; you need just a few minutes a week to execute the trades.
  3. Stockrader doesn’t hide behind general recommendations, like most advisory newsletters. Our buy and sell orders are specific, measurable, and accountable.
  4. Professional money managers and stockbrokers use Stockradar.
  5. You retain control.


Stockradar was founded by Richard Lie in 2002, to provide an independent alternative to fundamental analysis. Lie pioneered the use of technical analysis at Dow Jones in London between 1991 and 1996. Before that he began his career trading futures and options for leading financial institutions, including the Australian Bullion Company, and in the Equities Division at NAB. It's Richard's intention to make it easier for people to make decisions in the stockmarket.

An Interview with Richard Lie Founder of StockRadar

I follow a system that works. I don’t think I know better. The human component can be damaging and hurt your bottom line. My motto is: focus, discipline, and confidence in your plan. Having clients looking over your shoulder helps me be accountable. You must be accountable to someone, be it your boss, your clients, or your wife. 

 Stockradar’s research is suitable for both investors and institutions. Clients get access to a hedge fund like strategy, while maintaining 100% control of their accounts......Most investors buy and sell shares blind - they make decisions based on news stories, tips, rumours, and even hunches, without the most important information at hand. Price analysis should be front and centre of decisions to buy and sell. Otherwise you’re trading with one hand tied behind your back

 The “trust busting” GFC took a heavy toll on the industry. Most advisors floundered without a sound strategy for protecting capital, however not all are created the same. I have always worn my heart on my sleeve at Stockradar. I love what I do, and am proud of our work. We are transparent. We are independent. We have no products to push. Our members’ well-being is front and centre of everything we do. Our results speak for themselves.