Buying and Selling Shares – Who do we Listen to?

The lazy devil on my shoulder who says go for it and hang the consequences just because it feels good, or the hard-working voice of reason that makes us do what we don’t want to do but maximises the unlimited potential of winners and manages our trading responsibilities keeping any losses safely limited to within our risk parameters.

Yes, the how to, and doing the right thing are mental battles we go through because we always attach to events or stories that match our ‘want’ and make us feel comfortable with what we (want to) do. This can inevitably leads to wrong and inconsistent decision making.

Unfortunately, the ‘what we want’ and the ‘what we should do’ are two very different things that will lead two very different outcomes.

The forces are all around us proposing we follow various paths.

They bleat at us ceaselessly.

It is a real battle to have faith and settle on your own decisions based purely on your own parameters for market engagement. Deciding those parameters, ensuring they are valid and based on substance is of utmost importance and then the implementation, devoid of outside influences, is the next psychological battle we have to deal with.

Trading is psychological war but when based on our voice of reason we can always find the right path to succeed.

Stockradar sets its own clear and simple defined parameters based on price action. This provides a sound template for you to base our voice of reason on to generate consistent results. This concept and how to arrive at a valid course of action is discussed in a step-by-step process extensively in the issue of our monthly Radar Newsletter of July 2023.

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