The ‘trade’ ingredients that make up a successful trader.

An excellent article in the AFR today on page 13, ‘The second life of our star trader (12/9/16), on one successful trader ‘doing it his way” . It has always intrigued my to read of the successes of other traders. Often the template is the similar but usually they will have one unique defining point of difference.

The key “template” takeaways:

  1. Allocate capital
    – Stockradar’s Portfolio process allocates capital evenly and often with a cash component
  2. Work with probabilities for safety
    – Stockradar uses three key ‘tried and tested’ trade setups that are focused on probabilities of success
  3. Size trade with commensurate rewards
    – Stockradar carefully manages the risk exposure in each trade to generate the optimum return
  4. Manage risk in totality
    – Stockradar does this on a stock specific trade basis and also on a ‘totality’ of portfolio weighting process.

For those of you that haven’t yet you can always take a free trial and see how we really work and generate our absolute return profile.