Trading Stocks Successfully, Hasn’t Changed Forever.

Trading stocks successfully, hasn’t changed forever.

Somethings never change despite the many varied changes to stock market executions and financial instruments that we now have access to. The common denominator throughout history has been to know how to trade the underlying markets these instruments are based on. That requires an understanding of how markets work.

New instruments are not the answer, they are a variation. Many do provide cheaper and easier online access to markets and that’s a big advantage, but that can also be a danger if we don’t know how to look after our money responsibly. We can lose our money.

Share market investing is growing again because of easy access (an app is all you need) and because of the long and low interest rate environment we have been enduring.  Investors want returns.

Before you ‘dive in’ however just take a little time to find the right people to talk to and to understand what’s really required to make money from the stock market.

Micro investing / Passive

Some investors prefer the passive way via indices ETF’s and the new micro investing strategy. Neither requires any real knowledge of how markets work, it’s just an index following exercise.

Online investing / Active

Some investors prefer to use their own knowledge and trading skills to maximise their returns. CFD’s provide leverage for an ongoing cost, buying physical stock is cheap and pays dividends.

There are some simple guiding lights that track a path of knowledge and understanding. Stockradar is primarily an educator that helps you navigate that path and this is complimented by a unique Trading Centre which is a culmination of that learning path. Our primary focus is educating members so they can learn to run their own portfolios.

The reality is that the stock market is really a very simple place. if we let it be.