The Trading Radar – Did you know?

Are there are too many stocks to choose from on the Stockradar Trading Centre?

The simple answer is no. Stockradar is a commercial entity so it must provide a raft of ideas for you.  But in the end, you do need a filtering process to rank the stocks so there is no subjective decision making directing your choices.

There are many ways to do this and Stockradar offers two alternatives. Take up a Basic Membership and filter the stock selections yourself from the published stock picks as many members are happy to do or let the Stockradar Premium Portfolio Membership service break it down for you and filter stocks down to the one choice. It is not always an easy task filtering and separating stocks but that is your challenge if you are to detach youself from the ‘emotionally charged’ selective route which in the end means we cast our own opinions over which stock. That may be right or wrong, but it is not my way.

My way is process driven rule-based selection process that ranks the Stock Picks published each week. I have spent many hours testing, trying and varying different selection parameters and arrived at a safe, probability-based filtering process for the portfolio service. This takes into account such things as data universe, portfolio sizes, trade allocation amounts, sector weightings and market capitalisations. The performance results of the model portfolios have been running for 17 and seem to work albeit with some good years, and some not as good, but over time these results have been strong and most importantly equity has grown. (See home page graph). Let me do the work for you.

Now is not a good time to buy/sell.

Hmm, the perennial question and in my 40 years of experience there is no such a time. Why, because in the end we simply don’t know what the stock market will do and invariably our opinions are often proved wrong. March / April 2020 is a perfect example. What a great fear driven buying opportunity it was.

Prevailing sentiment and market action can often very much direct our thoughts (mostly in the wrong direction). If we think about the psychology of how markets work rather than reacting to the crowd thinking it actually makes sense to buy during fearful stages and sell during greedy stages but that is not always an easy task. It is a learnt process that requires focus, a plan, discipline and an understanding, (to fight prevailing sentiment) as to how markets work.

To make it easier to take advantage of this process signals from a stock specific process driven analysis process devoid of those overbearing market influences is a soundly based and proven strategy because simple mechanical signals know no emotions. As we know the best opportunities come from market fear stages and the best-selling opportunities come from overzealous crowd behaviour. These are not unique however more often than not (odds!) the best opportunities come from where we least expect it. ‘

Now is as good a time as any provided you target stocks specifically and always respect your risk management strategy. Are you scared, or are you confident?