Uranium – It’s a clean sweep for China

The Chinese have a big problem – pollution. 


The Chinese have a solution – uranium


What goes to the heart of the price for any commodity? Supply and demand.  Fukishima caused a big supply drop and China is about to fire up its 19th nuclear reactor.

‘China fired up its 19th nuclear reactor as the nation pushed to more than double its expansion of atomic power generation capacity this year, which may boost demand for imported uranium.

China may need to import more than 80 percent of its uranium by 2020 as it expands its nuclear construction and operations, compared with about 60 percent currently, Tian Miao, an analyst at North Square Blue Oak Ltd., a London-based policy researcher, said by phone today. The nation will add 8.64 gigawatts of atomic capacity this year, compared with 3.24 gigawatts in 2013, according to previously announced targets.’
Source: The
Short Side of Long

China could really surprise us all when it comes to their uranium demand.