Chart o’ the Day: Don’t “Invest” in Stupid Sh*t

Just a little reminder – stick to your knitting.

stupid shit


The chart above comes from Matt Phillips at Quartz and is a good reminder of why you shouldn’t invest in stupid sh*t. Obviously any asset can decline in price – blue chip stocks, your house, etc – nothing is immune. But don’t go out looking for additional trouble when the world is perfectly capable of handing you losses on the regular stuff.

Santa’s not turning up for Christmas this year.

world markets

The ASX/200 is already down 2 .5% this year.

world markets 1

The profits are easy, it’s keeping them safe that’s important. That’s our space.

“Most investors are primarily oriented toward return, how much they can make and pay little attention to risk, how much they can lose.”

inv psych

Investor behavior, driven by cognitive biases, is the biggest risk in investing. “Greed and fear” dominate the investment cycle of investors which leads ultimately to “buying high and selling low.”

Is it the semiconductors not Dr.Copper that’s the superior economic barometer ?


Has Dr. Copper been replaced by technology, specifically semiconductors. The market seems to be much more focused on the happenings of Silicon Valley rather than Milwaukee or Detroit.