The Aussie banks have an edge…….


Australia’s major banks are the most profitable in the developed world, the Bank for International Settlements says. Its figures highlight the “big four’s” consistently high returns as an inquiry investigates competition in the sector.  The comparison also showed that Australia’s “big four” have wider net interest margins and lower costs than most of their peers overseas.  They are tipped to make combined profits of $29.7 billion.

Another red flag?


GOLD. Set me free!



Where the S&P500 goes, CBA follows.


Greens vs. Reds


This chart presents a compelling risk-reward trade: buy the market at 5400 with a stop at 5200, targeting 6700. Risk-reward: 6.5 times.

The Naked View. This is a stock with a story to tell.


Do we buy, sell, or hold?

Tomorrow I’ll let you know who this high flyer is. Hint – education.

Australian Dollar – Heavy weather overhead……


We use price levels because they give us a structural guidance for the probabilities of price behaviour.

The Australian dollar still has a major obstacle to overhead advances at 0.9700

Energy – Burning brighter


We’re happy with our energy positions right now as Iraq pressures energy prices again!